Submitting a Lightning Talk

# How to Submit a Lightning Talk Proposal First, sign up for a new account or log in to your account. Once you are logged in, proceed to your account dashboard and create a speaker profile. At this point, you can submit lightning talk proposals. Fill in the fields as follows: ## Title* Give your lightning talk a descriptive title for the audience. ## Description* A high-level description of the lightning talk, limited to 400 characters. ## Additional Notes Any additional notes for the program committee to make a decision: past talks experience, links to projects, etc. These notes will not be made public. ## Additional Requirements Any specific needs, e.g. A/V needs, multiple microphones, audio out, etc. ## Slide Deck If you have given this presentation before or a similar, feel free to upload those slides for the program committee to review in the context of your proposal(s). Just before you give your talk, be sure to circle back and upload your slides so that we can post them online in addition to the video of your talk. (*) denotes required fields