Friday PyCon Dinners

# New This Year - PyCon Dinners! Join us **Friday April 11th** at **6pm** after the first day of talks for great food, great company, and great speakers! If you're new to PyCon, this is a great opportunity to make new friends early on in the conference. Both dinners have an audience participation aspect designed to get people talking; especially those new to PyCon (which was 60% of attendees last year based on the post-conference survey). And if PyCon is an annual event for you, then you already know that the conference continues with great conversations long after the talks end for the day, so pull up a chair! _Note: Advance registration is required (see registration information below)._ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ## PyCon Dinner Speakers

Brandon Rhodes

The first dinner, at the Place d'Armes Hotel, will feature Python trivia emceed by the fantastic Brandon Rhodes. He's well-loved in the Python community for his depth of Python knowledge and sense of humor, and we're very excited to answer his trivia questions.

Greg Brockman
For the second dinner, at the Vieux Port Steakhouse, we'll have Greg Brockman give a short talk and provide a few problems for people to discuss during dinner. We're expecting this to be a lot of fun, since Greg put together the incredible Stripe capture-the-flag competitions.
------------------------------------------------ ## PyCon Dinner #1 - Hosted by Brandon Rhodes #### Location: - **Place d'Armes Hotel & Suites**
55, Rue St-Jacques, Montréal
Room: bossa/blues/jazz
**6pm, Friday April 11th**
#### Menu: - Micro green salad with citrus vinaigrette and orange and grapefruit supremes - Parmentier of beef braised in its juices, potato & beet purée, taro chips
Vegetarian option: marinated tofu, black bean and soy, fennel and chicory salad - Royal chocolate (chocolate mousse, lemon financier, crispy praline) - Coffee or tea ------------------------------------------------ ## PyCon Dinner #2 - Hosted by Greg Brockman #### Location: - **Vieux Port Steakhouse**
39 Saint-Paul E., Montréal
**6pm, Friday April 11th**
#### Menu: - Goat cheese and dried cranberries on a bed of baby green mesclun salad - Strip loin steak New York cut, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, peppercorn sauce
Grilled salmon filet, wild rice and sauteed spinach
Vegetarian option available on request - Joconde cake with blueberry mousse - Coffee or tea ------------------------------------------------ ## Registration Head on over to your existing PyCon registration to add a PyCon Dinner to it! Note that these dinners are at the same date/time so you'll only be able to pick one. The Python Software Foundation has kindly agreed to subsidize these dinners, reducing the ticket price by 25%.

- **$45.00 Per Person** - Advance registration required: 1. Edit your existing PyCon registration 1. Click "Continue" 1. Click "Add Conference Dinners" 1. Enter Quantity, click "Continue"

Note: Please register sooner rather than later so that we can let the restaurants know approximate numbers. ## Questions? - PyCon Organizers: []( "") -------------------------------------------------------------------