Software Carpentry

## Software Carpentry at PyCon On April 14 - 15, with the support of PyCon and Enthought, Mozilla Science Lab will be holding our largest set of Software Carpentry workshops ever, alongside PyCon at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal. **These workshops are open to everyone, not just PyCon attendees, so please let your friends and colleagues know.** Software Carpentry's mission is to teach researchers in science, engineering, medicine, information management, and other fields the concepts and skills they need to get more done with computers in less time with less pain. Our two-day workshops teach how to manage files and data better, how to automate repetitive tasks, and how to track and share work. Participants also learn how to grow a program from a few lines to a few dozen lines (or more) in a way that ensures they always know what their code is doing -- and that it's doing what they mean it to! ------------------------------------------- ## Software Skills for Scientists and Engineers: $20 This **two-day** workshop will run on April 14-15, and will cover the Unix shell, Python, Git, and SQL. We encourage learners to sign up in pairs or groups so they have friends to work with at the bootcamp, and can support one another when they're back at their desks.

Eventbrite - Montreal Software Carpentry Bootcamp

------------------------------------------- ## Software Skills for Librarians: $20 This **two-day** workshop will also run on April 14-15, but is aimed at librarians and other information management professionals. It will cover the same core topics as the workshop for scientists, and, like it, is open to everyone (not just PyCon attendees).

Eventbrite - Software Skills for Librarians

------------------------------------------- ## How to Teach Programming: $10 We are excited to offer a one-day class on how to teach programming to novices on April 14. This class will cover the basics of educational psychology and instructional design, and show participants how to apply ideas from both in the classroom.

Eventbrite - Learn to Teach Programming

------------------------------------------- ## Master Classes: $10 each We're also running two one-day master classes for PyCon attendees who are comfortable with Python: The class on **April 14** will be taught by Prof. Titus Brown, who will explore next-generation sequencing (NGS) and other aspects of bioinformatics.

Eventbrite - PyCon Montreal NGS Master Class by Software Carpentry

On **April 15** Prof. Ramnath Vaidyanathan will present an introduction to programming in R for people who are already comfortable in Python.

Eventbrite - PyCon Montreal R for Pythonistas Master Class by Software Carpentry

----------------------------------------------------- Software Carpentry is an educational program of the Mozilla Science Lab, a new division of the Mozilla Foundation which works to help researchers change the way science is done using the power of the open web. Follow us at @MozillaScience or @swcarpentry. ------------------------

Thanks to Enthought for their generous support of this bootcamp.