Volunteering On-Site

### Volunteer During PyCon - Bénévoles! #### Je suis PyCon! PyCon is *organized and run by volunteers* from the Python community. This year we're looking for over [**200 on-site volunteer hours**](http://bit.ly/PyCon-2014-Volunteer) to help make sure everything runs smoothly. Everyone who is attending PyCon is welcome to volunteer, but you **must be registered** to volunteer. PyCon is sold out (unfortunately) and we can't give out more tickets, even for volunteers :( All help is very **much appreciated**. Thank you! Questions? PyCon Organizers: [pycon-organizers@python.org](mailto:pycon-organizers@python.org "pycon-organizers@python.org")
Volunteer Sign-up When
Session Staff Understand the duties of Session Staff Fri - Sun
Registration Desk Registration sign-up Tues - Sun
Handout Swag Bags Swag handout sign-up Fri - Sat
Swag Bag Stuffing Just Show Up! Thur (3 - 7pm)
Stuff 10 bags!
Tutorial Support Tutorial support / hosts sign-up Wed - Thurs
Miscellaneous Help Miscellaneous help sign-up Tues - Sun

### Session Staff Volunteer: To sign-up to be a session chair/runner, read and understand the duties. Please follow the links for complete descriptions. - Session Chairs and Session Runners are present for an entire session (usually 2 to 3 talks in a row). - A [Session Chair](/2014/about/volunteers/sessionstaff/) introduces the speaker, manages the time, and facilitates the question and answer period. "Please be seated. Our next speaker is..." - A [Session Runner](/2014/about/volunteers/sessionstaff/) helps the speaker get from the Speakers Lounge to the appropriate stage. They help in any way needed to make the session run smoothly. - Only sign up for one role per session. Pro Tip: Sign-up to be a Session Chair or Session Runner – it's a great opportunity to meet your Python heros!
### Registration Desk Volunteer: Sign-up for an hour slot at the registration desk: [registration desk sign-up](http://bit.ly/PyCon-2014-Registration-Volunteer "Registration Desk") - Someone needs to say "Welcome! What is your name?", print a name tag, hand them their stuff. - Please consider signing up for an hour on the registration desk. It's a great way to meet people and answer basic questions. If this is your first PyCon, it's a good way to get into volunteering!
### Swag Bag Handout Volunteer: Sign-up for an hour slot at the swag/t-shirt desk: [swag handout sign-up](http://bit.ly/PyCon-2014-SWAG-Volunteer "Swag Handout") - Help distributing swag bags & t-shirts; especially during that busy first morning of the conference.
### Tutorial Support Volunteer: Sign-up for an hour slot helping with a tutorial: [tutorial support / hosts sign-up](http://bit.ly/PyCon-2014-Host-Volunteer "Tutorial Support") - We're looking for one "Tutorial Host" for each tutorial to help welcome participants as they arrive: be sure they're in the right tutorial, give them any printed handouts, ask them if they need help setting up their laptop, etc. - This need is for approximately 20 minutes before tutorials start until about 20 minutes after they start (about 40 minutes). See guidelines at: [tutorial hosts](/2014/community/volunteer/tutorial_hosts).
### Miscellaneous Help Volunteer: Sign-up for miscellaneous tasks: [odd jobs sign-up](/2014/community/volunteers/) - We need 7 Volunteers during each day of the main conference to Host Lunch. - We need 5 volunteers to help setup the Young Coders lab on Friday evening. - We need 5 volunteers to help teardown the Young Coders lab on Saturday last afternoon. - We may also need last minute help with other miscellaneous setup and teardown.
### Stuff Swag Bags Volunteer: Just show up! Thursday April 10th, 3pm - 7pm (or until we're done) - Come stuff 10 bags! Many hands make light work! - Help in quick sprints with lots of other people. For the big event, look for us at the end of tutorials on Thursday. Our goal is 5 bags/minute (can you guess how many things go in _each_ bag? - close to 1/4 million items to bag!). Are you agile - in a crowd? We'll need about 100 volunteers for this sprint.

Stuffing Swag Bags - PyCon 2012
Photo: by kennethreitz
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