The Grammy goes to… Python (Engaging students and music lovers)

Carol Willing

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Music, like Python, brings us together into a community. If you enjoy listening to music or playing an instrument, music21, a computer aided musicology toolkit, and music tools, like Lilypond and GNU Solfege, can enhance your music experience. Through easy to use tools and helpful community, Python engages students (young and old) to learn, create, and share beautiful music. “Bravissimo Python.”


This poster session delivers an introduction to computer aided musicology and its use in music education, and highlights how Python music projects can inspire, entertain, and engage people, especially women and underrepresented groups, to be a part of the Python community. The poster will highlight Python music tools like music21, lilypond, and GNU Solfege to explore: - music basics that can be learned - applying music theory to compose new music - ways to display musical scores and generate sheet music - sharing of music ideas to collaborate with other musicians - teaching music theory and composition to students (young and old) This poster session will help you: - understand the purposes and strengths of various open source music tools - learn how to get started using these user friendly tools - see how a musician can collaborate and share musical scores with others - share music with others