Wednesday 1:20 p.m.–4:40 p.m.

Build your own PiDoorbell ! - Learn Home Automation with Python

Rupa Dachere, Akkana Peck

Audience level:
Embedded Systems


Rupa and Akkana will walk you through the setup/code to build your own super-cool PiDoorbell project to monitor/notify you about visitors at your house. Learn about the RaspberryPi, PiDoorbell software/hardware and build your own PiDoorbell to take home with you! Bring a RaspberryPi, power cord, USB cable (USB camera optional). We will provide the rest of the hardware (wifi, prox. sensor etc.).


Come and join us to learn about how to use Python on hardware such as the RaspberryPi to build your own super-cool home automation system! In this tutorial Rupa and Akkana from CodeChix Bay Area will walk you through the setup and code for building your own PiDoorbell project. PiDoorbell is an open source project that anyone with a Raspberry Pi or similar hardware can use for monitoring and notification of visitors at your front door (or any place you mount it). We will show you the essentials of the hardware, what software you need to install, will help you write the code to connect all the dots (proximity sensor, RPi, network, smartphone). Our goal is to have you walk out of the tutorial with your own functional PiDoorbell to use when you get back home and enough information so you can continue to build on it. Participants should bring their own Raspberry Pi, SD card (Wheezy Raspbian installed, if possible) and power supply, and optionally a PiCam or other USB camera. We will provide attendees the remaining materials required for this tutorial.

Student Handout

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