"Tough Guise 2" film screening

Carl Meyer, Jacob Kaplan-Moss, Alex Gaynor

Audience level:


(8:30pm - 10:30pm, Saturday April 12, Open Space room 515BC) About the film: "In this highly anticipated update of the influential and widely acclaimed 'Tough Guise', pioneering anti-violence educator and cultural theorist Jackson Katz argues that the ongoing epidemic of men's violence in America is rooted in our inability as a society to move beyond outmoded ideals of manhood... Katz examines mass shootings, day-to-day gun violence, violence against women, bullying, gay-bashing, and American militarism against the backdrop of a culture that has normalized violent and regressive forms of masculinity." Warning: film contains graphic violence, explicit language, and partial nudity. Film screening to be followed by structured conversation about the film and what it might have to say to us in the Python and tech communities.