Saturday 5:10 p.m.–5:40 p.m.

Performance Testing and Profiling: A Virtuous Cycle

Dan Crosta

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Donald Knuth famously said that we should avoid optimization 97% of the time and focus on the "critical 3%". How can we identify that 3%? How can we best focus our optimization efforts, and avoid the "root of all evil" that is premature optimization? This talk introduces key types of performance testing, and demonstrates how they can be paired with profiling techniques in a cycle of improvement.


Performance testing and profiling is equal parts art and science. This talk will explore both sides of the virtuous cycle, and offer specific tips to make the most of continuous performance improvement, while helping you to avoid common pitfalls. Specifically, we will cover: * The various types of performance tests * How to set up a performance testing environment, free of external influences * How to make use of the standard library profile modules * When you might want to look beyond the standard library * How instrumentation can tie these two key techniques together