Saturday 2:35 p.m.–3:05 p.m.

REST is not enough: Using Push Notifications to better support your mobile clients

Juan Gomez

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This talk will introduce you to Push Notifications, a very powerful way for your Python service to communicate information to mobile devices. You will learn how Push Notifications work, their advantages and disadvantages and how you can implement them on your Python projects.


Most of us think that a REST API is all you will ever need to support mobile clients with your Python service. But in many cases adding Push Notifications will open the door to a whole host of new information flows you might have been previously unaware of. This talk will introduce you to Push Notifications, how they work, their advantages and disadvantages. We will explore their basic architecture, the ins and outs of Google's and Apple's implementations and how you can harness that power on your Python project. Finally we'll take a look at a couple of Companies that offer solutions to abstract some of the complexities of implementing Push Notifications.