Friday 5:10 p.m.–5:40 p.m.

Hello Physical World: A Crash Course on the Internet of Things

Katherine Scott

Audience level:
Python Libraries


Live and direct from the PyCon stage learn how to connect your things to the internet! In this talk we’ll connect physical things and people to the internet. In this talk we will live code a tiny web server that interacts with the physical world via sensors, actuators, video, and audio. We will explore tools in the Python ecosystem that make this possible and show how they work together.


There is a lot of buzz about the “Internet of Things.” While many people talk about the potential of connecting the physical world to the internet, very few of offer practical examples of how this can be done. This talk will showcase tools in the python ecosystem that will make the internet of things possible. Live and on stage we will code a simple internet of things web server. We’ll quickly touch on the python tools used in an internet of things web stack and connect the dots between each piece. The talk will begin by looking at tools that enable interacting with the physical world via sensors and actuators. We’ll cover audio capture, video capture, digital and analog sensors, and actuators. The audience will then generate some data which we will analyze and make sense of using iPython, NumPy, SciPy, sci-kits learn, Pandas and Matplotlib. We will see how these tools can be used to make sense of the real world. Finally, we will connect our sensors, actuators, and analysis to the internet using Flask, RabbitMQ, Celery, and databases. This talk is intended to take all levels of python programmers through the steps necessary to create an internet of things web stack.