Saturday 11:30 a.m.–noon

Python in the Browser: Intro to Brython

Susan Tan

Audience level:


Have you ever wished that you can write Python in the browser? Brython is an experimental Javascript library that enables you to leverage the elegance of Python on the client side. Novice programmers who are familiar with Javascript will learn about Brython, how Brython measures up against Javascript, and why getting client-side Python adopted as a mainstream tool is really difficult.


This talk is an introductory overview of Brython: a brand-new browser-based implementation of Python that compiles to JavaScript as the page is loaded. **Why Client-side Python?** Explain potential use cases of Python on the client side. Many attempts have been made to compile Python to Javascript; most are experimental. **Intro to Brython** Discuss current features of Brython and how they're implemented from a source code perspective. **Case Study** Demo a widget made in Javascript and that same widget made in Brython in terms of performance and ease of implementation. **Limitations and What's Next** Discuss what's missing in Brython and what potential new features should be added to Brython. **What is The Future of Client-Side Python? Why does Client-side Python have a long way to go?** Both technical and non-technical issues prevent client-side Python from becoming more widely adopted. Discuss difficulties in getting client-side Python adopted as a mainstream tool.