Saturday 12:10 p.m.–12:40 p.m.

Upgrade your Web Development Toolchain

Blaise Laflamme

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Best Practices & Patterns


How to make our Python web development workflow less painful and more predictable? By mixing a collection of tools and best practices for both back and front ends like Buildout, Grunt, Bower and Ansible to automate tasks.


Working with a team and delivering projects leads to structure, requirements and processes. Both back and front end development have their own set of effective tools and processes and they need to coexists in a way collaboration and deployment could be easily done. By mixing those tools and processes you can empower your team skills and make the most out of them without sacrificing robustness and predictability. Buildout is great at building application environment and replicate anytime. By using Buildout you can easily assemble, through simple configuration, all the parts needed for your project and make sure everything is coherent. Bower, as a Web package manager, will make your front-end package management a breeze while Grunt, with an increasing plugin library, will take care of all your assets and repetitive tasks. With Ansible you'll find it easy to deploy your application with the same tools and processes by avoiding to write scripts or custom code. Great benefits you'll get by using adapted tools for specific tasks, automated and mixed in a coherent way to leverage both your front and back end development and team players.