Wednesday 9 a.m.–12:20 p.m.

Getting Started with Django, a crash course

Kenneth Love

Audience level:
Web Frameworks


Getting Started With Django is a well-established series of videos teaching best practices and common approaches for building web apps to people new to Django. This tutorial combines the first few lessons into a single lesson. Attendees will follow along as I start and build an entire simple web app and, network permitting, deploy it to Heroku.


**Want to get started with Django beyond the polls app?** Based on the first few episodes of Getting Stared With Django, this tutorial will cover handy patterns for starting Django projects and apps. **Taking off** We'll cover quick improvements to settings, common apps to help you get your apps off the ground faster, and other patterns that make wrangling Django easier. We'll also cover patterns for how to, and where to, separate out apps and functionality to make re-use easier later on. **Airborne** During all of this, we'll take a simple app from `startproject` to deployment on Heroku (conference network permitting). This tutorial isn't for absolute Django beginners, but so long as you've done the Polls tutorial, you shouldn't be in over your head. It'll be fast-paced, hand-on, and thorough, so bring your computer and your typing fingers!

Student Handout

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