What Hacker School Taught Me About Community Mentoring

Sumana Harihareswara

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I'm in the autumn 2013 batch of Hacker School, after years as a community manager, event organizer, and open source mentor. I'll analyze what Hacker School taught me about how to be more effective as a learner and mentor.


I have about 25 years of occasional BASIC/Scheme/SQL/Visual Basic/Python/CSS/bash under my belt. I've enjoyed dabbling and solving problems with code. And, thanks especially to [the Boston Python Workshop][1] and related communities, I've learned that I learn best when I'm around other curious, passionate, and respectful people whom I can teach and learn from and brag to, and in a physical space we dedicate to that activity for big stretches of time. Thus I applied to participate in Hacker School in the autumn 2013 batch - and I got accepted. I've mentored new learners and run training and education programs in my communities for many years, inside and outside of classrooms. So, as I participate in Hacker School, I'll take note of lessons we can learn -- lessons for Google Summer of Code, workshops for learners at all levels, events, internships, and so on. In this poster, I'll share those lessons. [1]: http://bostonpythonworkshop.com/