Poster Session

Poster Sessions ------------------- A poster is a 4' x 4' graphical summary of the key points about your project which forms the starting point for a brief and interactive presentation to interested viewers. The presentation space is one side of a standalone poster board that you can tack posters or individual pages onto. The poster sessions provide another way of presenting that encourages more **one-on-one communication** between the presenter and the audience. Poster sessions are particularly suited for topics of interest to a subset of the community, and we anticipate these sessions will provide an "incubator" for further discussions. Note:: To submit a poster proposal, sign up or log in to your account and proceed to your account dashboard! Call for Poster Proposals ------------------------- You must create a speaker profile on the website (and be logged in) in order to submit a poster proposal. Be sure to include a one paragraph biography, written in the third person ("Presenter Name is..."); include where you live, your job, your projects, books you've written, volunteer activities, etc. We use this for the conference guide, and other promotional materials. The primary author should submit the proposal, after which additional authors can be added (they must have accounts too). For general advice on developing and submitting a proposal see : - [So You Want To Present a Talk/Tutorial/Poster At PyCon](/2014/speaking/proposal_advice/ "So You Want To Present a Talk/Tutorial/Poster At PyCon") - [Poster Session FAQ](/2014/posters/faq/ "Poster Session FAQ") Also take a look at past poster sessions to get a sense of the breadth of topics. - PyCon 2013 Posters - PyCon 2012 Posters If your questions still aren't answered feel free to email [Juan Gomez]( Important Dates --------------- - July 1st, 2013: Call for poster proposals. - September 1st, 2013: Registration opens. - September 1st, 2013: Financial aid application opens. - November 1st, 2013: Poster proposals due. - December 1st, 2013: Financial aid awards announced. - December 15th, 2013: Posters announced. - April 13, 2014: Poster sessions. ### Thank-you!