PyCon Pittsburgh. April 15-23, 2020.

Sponsor Workshop: Microsoft Azure: Optimize your Python & Django apps with easy-to-learn Postgres superpowers

Presented by:

Louise Grandjonc


Building Django applications that perform well and can scale is a challenge all of us developers have. And yet getting performance right is essential to your business and to your work as a developer. In this workshop, we will teach you a few key Postgres superpowers that will enable you to optimize your Python and Django apps.

Just like chocolate and peanut butter go better together, so do Python and Postgres. So we’ll use Azure Database for PostgreSQL as the underlying database for this workshop.

Through interactive exercises, we will walk through what to do in the face of the most common of common pain points: slow queries. We’ll teach you what to look out for, and we’ll do an ORM deep dive into application code to identify performance bottlenecks. Together, we’ll analyze both Python code samples as well as example SQL code. And we’ll explore the power of Azure performance insights, which can be used as a multiplying factor when it comes to performance optimization. Finally, we’ll explain how to scale out your underlying Postgres database horizontally using Hyperscale (Citus), in a way that is transparent to your application and does not require any re-architecture on your part.


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