PyCon Pittsburgh. April 15-23, 2020.

Sponsor Workshop: Google: Building Serverless Python Applications with Google Cloud

Presented by:

Charles Engelke


You know how to program in Python. Now learn how to apply that skill to building distributed serverless applications in the cloud. You won’t write just one program, you’ll create several and connect them through a shared database, network requests, message queues, or triggering events. This is a hands-on workshop–bring your own PC and leave having built and deployed a significant cloud application. You’ll see not only how to use different cloud services to run your code, but why you would choose each one for an application’s specific needs. The workshop uses Google Cloud Platform services, including Cloud Functions, Cloud Run, App Engine, Firestore, PubSub, and Identity-Aware Proxy, but the concepts covered can be applied to any major cloud platform.


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