PyCon Pittsburgh. April 15-23, 2020.

Sponsor Workshop: ActiveState: We Need to Talk About Windows

Presented by:

Shaun Lowry


ActiveState builds Python from source for every runtime we distribute. We build every package from source too. For Linux and MacOS that’s a pretty straightforward task but for Windows… it’s another story. In this workshop, Shaun Lowry walks us through what it takes to build Python from source for Linux, MacOS, and Windows, deep dives into the challenges involved, and illustrates why that effort is imperative to our users.

Join us for an insider’s view of some of our toughest problems, how both the strict constraints of enterprise and the needs of our users necessitates them, and get a peek at our plans for contributing our work upstream for the Python community at large.

Audience: This workshop is geared toward a technical audience and will probably resonate most with developers who’ve ever had to build software from source.


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