PyCon Pittsburgh. April 15-23, 2020.

Python Packaging Summit

Python Packaging Summit


When: Thursday, April 16, 2020, 9:30am–6pm
Where: Level 4, Room 408, David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA
Organizers: Bernat Gabor, Todd Gamblin, Paul Ganssle, Pradyun Gedam
Register to attend: (closes 7th March 2020 AoE)
Propose a topic: (closes 7th March 2020 AoE)

Python Packaging Summit 2020

Python packaging is a rapidly changing (and hopefully improving) landscape, historically and currently plagued by many problems, and solving these problems requires a high degree of coordination between various stakeholders; to name a few:

The goal of this summit is to try to take advantage of the fact that, at PyCon, we can get a high concentration of these stakeholders in one room at the same time. This allows us to sync up on current and future best practices, and to quickly come to some agreements that would take months or years, over the high-latency medium of discussions on mailing lists / forums / issue tickets.

During the summit, we will allocate time to discuss a number of topics submitted in advance and selected by a public vote (with some curation). Discussion periods will start with a brief introduction to the subject at hand, followed by open participation, and time will be allotted at the end of each discussion period to collect a list of action items to accomplish each task.

Although some things have changed, the 2020 Summit will still largely be patterned on the summits held in the previous two years. For a better idea of what our summit will be like (or to get a better idea of what kinds of topics we’re interested in discussing), you may refer to the detailed notes taken on the 2019 summit, the 2019 topic suggestion thread, and this list of threads discussing follow-ups to the summit.

Who can attend

We welcome any stakeholders in the Python packaging community who are interested in representing their perspective in best practices and standards discussions.

In particular, we are prioritizing active contributors to Python packaging tools (including non-PyPA tooling), as well as those who we believe will be able to improve the quality of the discussions at the event. Please understand that we may have to be selective, as space and time are limited. We will confirm slots for selected attendees 1 week after registration closes (see below).

Registration form:
Topic Proposal form:

Code of Conduct

PyCon’s Code of Conduct applies and will be enforced.


February 17th, 2020: Registration opens, Topic Proposal opens
March 7th, 2020 AoE: Registration closes, Topic Proposal closes
March 9th, 2020 AoE: Topic Voting opens
March 15th, 2020 AoE: Responses sent to confirmed attendees
March 30th, 2020 AoE: Topic Voting closes
Early April 2020: Detailed event agenda published

If you have any questions, the Packaging Category on is the best place to ask. You may reach out to the organizers privately if needed.


TBD. Our aim is to have a morning session and an afternoon session.