PyCon Pittsburgh. April 15-23, 2020.

Regional Conference Organizers' Summit

The Regional Conference Organizers’ Summit is a place for people who run or are interested in running Python conferences to gather to share knowledge, seek advice, and work together to help build better Python conferences throughout the world.

It’s taking place as part of PyCon US in Pittsburgh, on Thursday 16 April.

What Is This?

In the past, regional organizers’ events have been held as Open Spaces during the main days of the conference. Over the years, we’ve found that the Open Space events have been covering the same ground, and not lent the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience in a meaningful way. We hope that by holding a Summit, where people can devote a few hours to the event, will be a more worthwhile experience.

The Summit is a half-day “unconference”-style event. That means we aren’t calling for prepared presentations. Instead we’ll have moderated discussions where anyone attending can contribute: from experienced organizers offering advice, to new and interested organizers asking questions about where to start.

To guide the day, we will have a set agenda, so you can prepare questions, or come along with ideas. You can suggest an item for the agenda with our handy web form, linked below!

After the summit, we’ll also be hosting a sprint to work on materials for conference organizers, and there’ll be space for non-facilitated discussions for topics that aren’t on our agenda.


You need a ticket to attend PyCon US to participate in the summit.

While it’s not compulsory, we also encourage you to register your attendance so we can plan for space, and so we can know which conferences, or future conferences were represented.

Register your attendance at the Summit

Call for Agenda Items

This event won’t be useful to you unless we talk about the things you want to learn. Agenda items can include any topic that you think will be useful to regional Python conference organizers.

At our Open Spaces in the past, topics have included:
* Sponsorship strategies
* Legal and incorporation support
* Code of Conduct enforcement and training

You can suggest ideas along these lines, or you can come up with something entirely new!

To submit an agenda item, go to our form, where we’re asking for:
* Your name
* Your email address
* The topic of discussion
* A short paragraph explaining what you hope to cover, or learn, and why you think that will be useful to other Python conference organizers.

If your agenda item is accepted, you’ll need to plan to give an introduction of up to 2 minutes about your topic. We expect to give about 40-45 minutes to each high-level topic.

We’ll close the call for agenda items on Friday 3 April, and announce a full agenda by the end of the week ending Friday 10 April.

Propose an Agenda Item

Who’s running this?

The Summit is being organized by