PyCon Pittsburgh. April 15-23, 2020.


PyCon 2020 is proud to announce that we will again be offering childcare during the main conference days. We are also adding childcare for Thursday April 16, 2020. We have selected Flexable Childcare as our service provider in Pittsburgh.

Space is limited, so be sure to sign-up for childcare soon.

The actual cost per child per day is about $200 per child. The Python Software Foundation does subsidize this outreach initiative, bringing the cost down to $50 per child per day. If you register for three days of childcare, we will deduct $50.00.

Childcare Staff

Childcare will be provided by Flexable Childcare . All caregivers and staff are:


The qualified and fun Flexable Childcare providers will be ready and waiting to take good care of your little ones in this safe and stimulating tots & kids play room. High staff ratios have been arranged so that all children will get exceptional care to guarantee a relaxed and fun atmosphere for all our little adventurers.

Children will have access to a range of games, toys, books, art, music and other activities while in care. Staff will lead age- appropriate activities and to the best of their ability, providing opportunities for fun, child-directed play. Staff will follow parent directives when appropriate (regarding naptime/rest-time, child interests).
- Each child will be signed in and out
- Photo identity for check-in and check out
- A secure child / caregiver ratio:
- 0-2 years: arrangements need to be made
- 2-12 years: 1:5

Nursing/Pumping Parents

If you are a nursing/pumping parent, please contact our coordinator. We will have a private room setup.

Questions or to arrange for child under 2?

Jackie Augustine, PSF Event Manager