PyCon 2016 in Portland, Or
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Cory Benfield

Cory Benfield

Cory is an open source Python developer heavily involved in the Python HTTP community. He's a Requests core contributor, a urllib3 core contributor, and the lead maintainer of the Hyper Project, a collection of HTTP and HTTP/2 tools for Python. For his sins, he also helps out with the Python Cryptographic Authority on PyOpenSSL. When he's not feeling perplexed about his life choices, Cory loves computer networks, film and TV, and travel.


Building Protocol Libraries The Right Way

Monday 5:10 p.m.–5:40 p.m. in Oregon Ballroom 203–204

The Hitchhiker's Guide to TLS & SSL

Saturday 1:20 p.m.–4:40 p.m. in C120+121