PyCon 2016 in Portland, Or
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Pramod Gupta

Pramod Gupta is a research scientist at the Department of Astronomy at the University of Washington. He works on computational astrophysics using C++, Python and other languages. He is interested in parallel computing and he has used both the established techniques such as MPI and OpenMP and newer techniques such as Hadoop and CUDA/GPU. He has taught graduate courses on astrophysics and scientific supercomputing. He holds several United States patents. He has presented at APS(American Physical Society), AAS(American Astronomical Society), ACM, IEEE and CppCon conferences. He obtained his Ph.D. in computational physics from the University of Rochester in New York.


Computational Physics with Python: Planetary Orbits from Newton to Feynman

Wednesday 1:10 p.m.–1:40 p.m. in Portland Ballroom 251 & 258