PyCon 2016 in Portland, Or
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Sunday 3:30 p.m.–5 p.m.

Google: A whirlwind tour of Google Cloud services you can use - wherever your code runs!

Brian Dorsey, Jon Parrott



Did you know Google offers object recognition as an API? Join us for a rapid tour of services you can add to your applications to save time and add features to delight your users! All of these services can be used wherever your core application is running (as long as it has internet access. :) ). - Interactively query *all* of your logs (or any other data) with BigQuery. - Identify objects and locate faces in photos with Cloud Vision. - Easy, scalable logging with Google Stackdriver, then extract metrics from those logs. - Connect your distributed processes with Cloud PubSub. - And maybe more? This is explicitly a sponsored product tour - we promise to focus on solving real problems with these tools and to include lots of interactive hands-on demos and example code. Some of the demos will be easy to follow along on your own laptop. Please bring yours if that sounds interesting! Speaker’s Bios: BRIAN DORSEY is a Developer Advocate on the Google Cloud Developer Relations team, focusing on the open source Kubernetes cluster manager and the Cloud Platform, especially Compute Engine and Cloud Storage. Brian has taught Python at the University of Washington & spoken at both PyCon US & PyCon Japan. He's a bit of a Python fan. (understatement) He's currently learning Go and enjoying it. JON WAYNE PARROTT is a Developer Programs Engineer on the Google Cloud Developer Relations team. Jon writes Python tutorials and samples for Google Cloud Platform and focuses on hosting platforms such as App Engine and Container Engine. He also helps maintain various Google open-source libraries, including oauth2client and the Google API client library.