PyCon 2016 in Portland, Or
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Saturday 9 a.m.–12:20 p.m.

Python Bootcamp

Harry Percival

Audience level:
Python Core (language, stdlib, etc.)


If you’re thinking of coming to the conference but you’re new to Python, this could be the session for you. Whether you’re totally new to programming or you already know another language, this hands-on session will give you a crash-course in Python, and the ecosystem around it, to give you the context you need to get the most out of the rest of Pycon.


The session will mainly consist of a self-directed learning sessions, where we work through several different tutorials, assisted by coaches. This will be interspersed with a few brief 10-minute talks: ### Talks The talks will include: * A high-level introduction to Python and programming in general: where did Python come from, a pocket history of Free Software, and what do I need to know to understand all these in-jokes about cheese? * A session on the Python "ecosystem": an intro to the wider world of Python: some topics and bits of jargon that are bound to come up at the conference: open source, free software, github, packages, pip, pypi, scientific computing, scipy, numpy, pandas, ipython notebook, web frameworks, django, flask, asyncio, the BDFL, the Zen of Python, etc etc. Find out what are the tools, areas of interest, in-jokes, people of note... * "How to get the best out of the conference": recommended talks, what to do at lunchtimes or in the evenings, tips on when and how to ask questions or talk to strangers (hint: as often as possible!), what an “open space” is, what a BoF is, and more. ### Self-directed learning sessions. *Bring a laptop!* We'll split up into small groups, and start working through some tutorials aimed at different audiences and areas of interest: * People who've never programmed before * Experienced programmers needing a crash-course in Python * Web development with Python * Scientific computing with Python. Each person can work through at their own pace, rather than worrying about keeping up with (or getting held back by) a larger group. Friendly **Coaches** with experience in each of these areas will be sitting at the table with you in each small group, making themselves available to answer your questions, provide hints if you get stuck, and pointers to where to find more information and resources.

Student Handout

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