PyCon 2016 in Portland, Or
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Solidarity of Systers

Khushbu Parakh

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STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN Here we are united towards the common goal of providing support, both moral and legal, to women who have been subjected to a crime, may it be of any type. If you have been through something which keeps haunting you repeatedly then we encourage you to come forward and report the violence you have been subjected to.


1. Most of the time it is the case that the victim and victim’s family does not know what all they can do. They do not most of the rules. A web portal, SMS service that helps victims on the legal procedures they have to follow and relevant government parts, organizations, NGO agencies that can support them to file cases. Something which will help them to know how long their case will go, what all they will require, what all they will be questioned about. Some legal help I mean. A service that provides legal should be developed via SMS, Voice Mail or the web that will answer questions 2. What happens here is the victim has to report the same thing to many people. When she goes to Police station, to doctor, to her lawyer, she was being told to narrate the same story to everyone in the court and many other places like lawyers, doctors... This is the most quintessential problems women faces. In police station also she need to report it to many people[2]. Many women who have been stigmatized feel as though they are transforming from a whole person to a tainted one. They feel different and devalued by others. We can have a common place where we can ask a set of questions to her, once she will answer that we can send the set to all the concerned people. She will just ask their numbers or Mail ID's and click on a button in our web app and write the mail id or number and our web app will send the information to all intended person. 3. A common platform, where women being anonymous will be able to share about experiences that they had. Inside some company, about some person.[3] They will enter the story, location, gender, and some more specific things while writing their story. Based on that we will generate a map, as many plots as possible. Another women can simply search about that location or company and can find what all bad things happen there. She can request the writer contact or mail, we will then send a mail asking the writer if we can leak and try to setup a connection between the two.