PyCon 2016 in Portland, Or
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Tuesday 1:55 p.m.–2:25 p.m.

Discovering the world of Python through music

Ria Baldevia

Audience level:
Python Libraries


This talk aims to explain how music is a great way to learn Python with Pedro Kroger's music programming library, Pyknon. In music programming, data structures are really important in order to organize notes, chords, durations, and rests. Eventually, a music programmer will utilize patterns and sequences in order to compose several bars of music. This talk will utilize an animated presentation.


When a newbie programmer ventures into the world of code, it is recommended to them to learn how to code by working on a project. In this case, new programmers with a music background can learn the basics of Python by treating notes as Python objects. Pyknon gives programmers tools to explore basic data structures in Python. _Why Pyknon?_ There are tools for programmers to explore music programming such as Jython, which is a hybrid of Java and Python; however, it was in an isolated environment. Pyknon has several positives that made it the ideal library to continue on the new programming journey: (1) it was easy to install; (2) there was no need to download a new environment; and (3) programmers will find it very easy to jump into Python data structures immediately when trying to compose a bar of music. _Victorious over first Python music code_ The talk will conclude with the playing of the first 2 bars in Beethoven’s 5th written in Python.