PyCon 2016 in Portland, Or
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Source control at Facebook scale

Pierre-Yves David

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Version control systems manage the most important asset of any software company: the code. At high scale, the choice of VCS can drastically affect workflows and productivity. This poster details how Facebook, in collaboration with the open source community, scaled Mercurial to meet the needs of source control at Facebook scale: six digits number of files and commits with thousands of users.


For software companies, source control is an important piece of infrastructure. It affect your work-flow and hold a critical asset, your code. Facebook have a lot of code gathered in massive Mercurial repositories. This poster cover some of the keys aspect of these large monorepos: - Scaling client, server and users experience, - Collaboration with Mercurial's open source community, - Leverage of Python in our Mercurial based system, - Advantage of Monolithic repositories in our workflow, - Migration from old system to new,