PyCon 2016 in Portland, Or
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Monday 2:35 p.m.–3:05 p.m.

The cobbler's children have no shoes, or building better tools for ourselves

Alex Gaynor

Audience level:
Best Practices & Patterns


As developers, we make programs which do things. But we don't build nearly enough programs to make our own jobs easier. Once, not all that long ago, we didn't even have continuous integration servers. This talk will go through what types of new specialized tools we, as developers, can and should be building to make our jobs better.


This talk will go through where you can get for developer tooling using standard commodity offerings, and what types of tooling you can be building for yourself. For example, in the year 2016 it's expected that you have a continuous integration server to run tests and do linting. You can also have pre-merge test execution with something like Travis CI or Jenkins. But if your issue tracker and code review system have an API, what tools specific to your job could you build? We'll cover both specific types of tools that might be useful, and integration points you can use to build whatever your heart desires.