PyCon 2016 in Portland, Or
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Saturday 1:20 p.m.–4:40 p.m.

Hands-on Intermediate Python - Part 1

Matt Harrison

Audience level:
Python Core (language, stdlib, etc.)


Are you new to Python and want to learn how to step it up to the next level? Have you wondered about functional programming, closures, decorators, context managers, generators, or list comprehensions and when you should use them and how to test them? This hands-on tutorial will cover these intermediate subjects in detail, by explaining the theory behind them then walking through examples.


This carefully constructed course will take a programmer with a basic understanding of Python to the next level. You should feel comfortable with Python loops, variables, functions, and classes. From there we build your knowledge and cover some of the more exciting aspects of Python that tend to bite new Python programmers. With a unique, fast-paced combination of lecture and lab, the student will not only listen to the material, but try it out themselves. Students will have time to try the labs, then we will discuss the solutions at length and learn "idiomatic" Python.

Student Handout

No handouts have been provided yet for this tutorial