PyCon 2016 in Portland, Or
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Sunday 9 a.m.–12:20 p.m.

Django 101

Kenneth Love

Audience level:
Web Frameworks


Want to build web apps with Django but don't know where to start? Did the Django tutorial but still feel unsure? Django 101 is a gentle introduction to Django. By the end, you'll be more confident in starting projects, apps, and tying together the most common pieces of Django.


Django is a large and sometimes complex framework for building web applications and sites using Python. For many beginners, once they complete the official Django tutorial, the next step is scary and unknown. That's where Django 101 comes in. This tutorial assumes you've done the Django tutorial and maybe even the Django Girls tutorial. We'll look at what goes into build a project and apps from scratch. What are the different types of model inheritance and when should you use each? What problems do forms and model forms solve? Does anyone actually know how to use inline formsets? Who would win in a fight between class-based views and a badger? Part tutorial, part Q&A, Django 101 is meant to calm fears, assuage doubts, and open up the world of Django to more beginners.

Student Handout

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