PyCon 2016 in Portland, Or
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Python Education Summit Schedule

The 2016 Python Education Summit is excited to offer an array of talks on Python and Education on **Sunday May 29th**, the second of the conference’s two tutorial days. A full description of each talk is coming soon! Want to join us? Register to attend PyCon for a chance to join us. If you are a speaker listed below, please contact [Chalmer Lowe][1] or [Jessica Ingrassellino][2] for your Speaker's Early Bird pricing registration promo code.
  Track 1 Track 2
09:00AM Welcome/Introduction Chalmer Lowe | Jessica Ingrassellino | Ria Baldevia
09:10AM Keynote Python Education Working Group Nicholas Tollervey
09:40AM Invited Speaker micro:bit Nicholas Tollervey
10:10AM Break
10:20AM Seven Years of Lessons Learned: Teaching Students to Program Arcade Games with Python and Pygame Paul Vincent Craven
10:50AM Pygame Zero Daniel Pope
11:20AM Minecraft with Python Meenal Pant
11:50AM Lightning Talks
12:30PM Lunch
01:30PM Using Graphics to Encourage Creativity and Pride of Ownership of Work in Introductory CS Classes Ravi Gandham
Doing Math with Python Amit Saha
02:00PM Python to promote computational thinking Stacey Kizer
Reflections on teaching Python to working scientists David Mertz
02:30PM What technical educators can learn from the world-famous Montessori method Henrique Bastos
Teaching Data Structures with Python Fernando Masanori
03:00PM 40,000 Failed attempts at "Hello World" in Python Katie Bell
Outside the Pipeline: Expanding Early Access to Coding as a Career Choice Rebecca Conley
03:30PM Break
03:40PM Bringing Python to the classroom: tips for pythonistas and educators Luke Petschauer
Merlin Demo: simplify your Data Science lesson plans Jair Aguirre
04:10PM Unconference Session: Building curriculum and finding resources: equipment, teaching, hosting, etc.
Unconference Session: The Inbetween - How to teach Python after 'Beginner' but before 'Software Developer'
04:40PM Concluding Remarks Chalmer | Jessica | Ria
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