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Wednesday 1:30 p.m.–3 p.m.

Using the Dropbox API with Python (Dropbox)

Eric Feng


Dropbox is a convenient way for users to store, sync, and share data. With the Dropbox API, your app can read and write data from a user's Dropbox too. In this workshop, you'll learn about the Dropbox API and how to use it from Python applications.


Bring your laptop with Python installed. We'll go through the basics of creating a Dropbox app, installing the Dropbox Python library, and building a few simple apps. Here are some of the features we'll cover: - Using OAuth to get your application authorized - Making calls to the Dropbox Core API to read and write files - Using long-polling and webhooks to get notifications about users' file changes ### Prerequisite Knowledge A working knowledge of Python and basic web development and web APIs is suggested. ### Prerequisite Setup All you'll need is Python, a web browser, and a code editor.
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