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Thursday 11 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Effective Code Review with Pull Requests (Code Climate)

Mike Bernstein


Keep your code under control with a process for effective code review that uses pull requests alongside continuous integration, static analysis, and automated tests. We’ll show you how a pull request based workflow can help you ship with confidence, then dive into the tactics you’ll need to implement an effective code review system for your team.


As engineers, engineering managers, business owners, and now tool creators, the Code Climate team has learned a lot about how to help programmers work together effectively to ship code that they can be proud of. This workshop will provide the tools you need to get your engineering team on track: - Designing an effective code review process - Delivering effective feedback in a pull request based workflow - Creating and enforcing a style convention - Testing your pull requests with continuous integration - Catching issues early with static analysis We'll answer questions about testing, automated builds, code quality, code review and more - come with lots!
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