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Thursday 9 a.m.–10:30 a.m.

Using Microsoft Azure with Python and enjoying it (Microsoft)

Chris Wilcox, Steve Dower


With so many cloud companies to choose from why should you use Microsoft Azure? In this interactive tutorial, we will build a Django website on Azure, exploring and taking advantage of the unique features Azure offers.


Bring your laptop (Windows not required) with Python, git, any browser, and an editor of your choice, and we’ll walk through setting up a Django-based web site on Azure that takes advantage of several services offered as part of Azure. This tutorial will focus on exposing you to service offered as part of the Azure platform that will allow you to make better websites and make it easier for you to support them. Some of the services we intend to cover are: - Azure Websites - Azure Data Marketplace and Azure Machine Learning - Azure Storage - Azure Application Insights ### Prerequisite Knowledge While we will be using Django for this tutorial we will not be going in depth to how Django works. For this reason a working knowledge of Python and Django is preferred, but not necessary. The focus of this tutorial will be on using Azure Services from Python and not on Django. ### Prerequisite Setup Python, git, a browser, an editor of your choice, and any OS. Also, you will need to have a subscription to Azure, or at least the trial. Use the link below to sign up. Please sign up within 30 days (not before) so you can use your account for this tutorial.
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