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The Five Advantages of Plone 5

Cris Ewing, Calvin Hendryx-Parker

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Plone 5 is the next major release of this flexible, powerful system to build websites, intranets and extranets. With an excellent track record in security, it scales from small community organizations to the largest of global corporations. The upcoming release will set new standards in accessibility, interoperability and modern web techniques.


#The 5 advantages of Plone 5 We're proud to announce Plone 5, the latest version of our state-of-the-art open source CMS. It's faster, more powerful and more beautiful than ever. Plone is a polished user-friendly content management system. If you are already familiar with Plone, you'll find that Plone 5 is a rewarding upgrade that delivers immediate benefits to end-users, content editors and developers alike. If you're new to Plone, welcome aboard! We think you're going to like what you see. ##ENTERPRISE INTEGRATION CAPABILITY Plone is a team player. From SQL-based systems to Single Sign On, Plone can connect with your existing infrastructure. ##FLEXIBLE WORKFLOWS Use Plone's advanced content workflows to customize content development and sharing. ##INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH SECURITY Plone is the only open source CMS that provides industrial strength security out-of-the-box. ##ROBUST SCALABILITY Plone will suit your needs: from standard installations up to complex, scalable and robust infrastructures. ##LIMITLESS EXTENSIBILITY From the design of sub-sites and individual pages to collaborative enterprise intranets, Plone's dynamic customizations will meet all of your business needs.
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