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Friday 12:10 p.m.–12:55 p.m.

Beyond PEP 8 -- Best practices for beautiful intelligible code

Raymond Hettinger

Audience level:
Best Practices & Patterns


Distillation of knowledge gained from a decade of Python consulting, Python training, code reviews, and serving as a core developer. Learn to avoid some of the hazards of the PEP 8 style guide and learn what really matters for creating beautiful intelligible code.


Using examples from real-code, show what really matters to make code readable and maintainable. Learn how to leverage Python's toolset for maximum effect (named tuples, keyword arguments, doctests, decorators, content managers, properties, modules, packages, logging, and exception handlers). Avoid the hazards associated with a too shallow interpretation of PEP 8 and instead use it to nudge yourself toward consistent, nice-looking, clear code.
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