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Saturday 2:35 p.m.–3:05 p.m.

Pythons are Deaf, So are Some Pythonistas

en zyme, Hakim Bouatou, Jon Henner

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ASL, like Python, is a language which is both fun and powerful. We have used Python to build a tool, ASL-CLeaR (American Sign Language Concept Learning Resource) for the DHH community which will teach STEM terminology using ASL exclusively. We are also building a summer program to teach Python in English/ASL to DHH students.


Using a Python Flask REST API web service for an AngularJS front-end application a team at Boston University will be delivering STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) educational content for Deaf children, K-12. (This work was funded by grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts) Python was chosen because of it's clarity, power, extensibility, and Pythonic personality. This project complements our other initiative which is to resurrect and continue The Summer Academy started by Richard Ladner), an academically challenging program designed for deaf and hard-of-hearing students with skills in math or science who may be considering careers in computing, with the goal of encouraging them to consider college majors and careers in computing fields. The Summer Academy had occurred annually at the University of Washington (UW) since 2007-2012. We are now re-visioning the Academy specifically as a Python Summer Academy for DHH to be held first in 2015 at Boston University and invite the Python community to share and take part.
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