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Saturday 5:10 p.m.–5:40 p.m.

Managing Your Infrastructure with SaltStack

Colton Myers

Audience level:
Systems Administration


Are you still using SSH to manage your servers? Deploying code manually with rsync? There’s a better way. SaltStack is one of the latest and greatest tools for system management. Once you have a foundation of lightning-fast remote execution, you can build anything on top of it. Plus, it’s written in Python, and easy to extend!


SaltStack (Salt for short) is a system management platform written in Python. In this session, we will start from the beginning. We will learn how to install salt and get it set up on a system. We will learn how to run commands from our Salt “Master” to our Salt “Minions”. We will also delve a little bit into the State system in Salt, which is Salt’s take on configuration management. This talk will give you the tools to get started managing your systems with Salt. You’ll be able to immediately begin using it to make your job of managing your servers easier. Assuming we still have time, we’ll look a little deeper into what’s going on underneath the commands we are sending, and discover just how easy it is to extend SaltStack for our specific needs, via custom execution modules and state modules. This talk will be useful for anyone who administrates systems. This includes the devops community, system administrators, and even people who want to use SaltStack for their personal servers. It will also be a great introduction to one of the biggest Python projects on Github, for those looking for a great project to which they can contribute.
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