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Sunday 1:10 p.m.–1:40 p.m.

Interactive data for the web - Bokeh for web developers

Sarah Bird

Audience level:
Web Frameworks


Interactive data visualization libraries are mostly a JavaScript stronghold. The new Python library, Bokeh, provides a simple, clean way to make more shiny things. Although it comes from the data science community, it has a lot to offer web developers. For a visualization you might have built in d3.js, I'll show how to build it in Bokeh, how to test it, and how to hook it into your web app.


As a web developer, I find myself being asked to make increasing numbers of data visualizations, interactive infographics, and more. d3.js is great, as are many other js toolkits that are out there. But if I can write more Python and less JavaScript... well, that makes me happy! Bokeh is a new Python library for interactive visualization. Its origins are in the data science community, but it has a lot to offer web developers. In this talk I'll discuss using Bokeh with a web framework (in this case, Django): - I will walk through building an interactive visualizations in Bokeh to display your data - How to unit test your visualization - How to display your plot on the web and within your templates, including a number of pitfalls I have encountered. I will not be covering real-time or high-volume analytics, or any statistical processing. This is an introduction to Bokeh's core, focused on the needs of an average web developer.
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