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Friday 12:10 p.m.–12:55 p.m.

Inside the Hat: Python @ Walt Disney Animation Studios

Paul Hildebrandt

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Paul will take you through the process of making of a Disney movie.  He will use examples from Big Hero 6 to explain and illustrate the steps in making a movie and explain where technology, specifically Python, is involved.  


The Walt Disney Animation Studios has a long history of creating acclaimed animated films and continues to be an industry leader with regards to artistic achievements, storytelling excellence, and cutting-edge innovations. Since the 1923 release of Snow White they’ve been pushing forward technology in the art of movie making. This push continues in the modern day with classics such as Oscar winning box office hit “Frozen” and Oscar nominated hits “Wreck-It Ralph”, “Tangled”, “Bolt”, “Treasure Planet”, and “Dinosaur”. One of the most common questions we get when attending PyCon is “Why are you here?”  People seem confused that technology, especially Python is used in the making of animated films.   To dive into exactly where Python is used without context would be confusing so Paul will give the audience some background on the Walt Disney Animation Studios.  He will talk about what we’ve done and what we are currently working on. The main part of the talk is describing the production process whilst imparting this information he will interject where technology and specifically Python comes into play.   He will describe the tools in each area and the tech stack used to create them. He will wrap up the talk with describing how our Studio is organized, how we develop software, and venues we use to share our technology with others.
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