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Wednesday 1:20 p.m.–4:40 p.m.

Fabric, SaltStack, and Ansible: DevOps'ing with Python

G. Clifford Williams

Audience level:
Systems Administration


Epic, knock down, drag-out, death match of python automation tools. Ok, not really. This class will take an in depth look at three automation, orchestration, and remote execution frameworks written in Python.


Ever wondered what all the hubbub was about with Salt or Ansible? Ever wonder how Ansible is different from Fabric or who would win in a grudge match between Thomas and Michael (respective creators of SaltStack and Ansible)? In this tutorial we'll explore three popular tools for remote execution and automation: Fabric, SaltStack, and Ansible. We'll see how they compare to, contrast with, and compliment one another.

Student Handout

No handouts have been provided yet for this tutorial

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