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Eben Upton

Eben Upton is a founder and trustee of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and serves as its Executive Director. The Raspberry Pi is an ultra-low cost, credit card-sized computer designed to fill a much-needed technological gap in communities that cannot afford more traditional computing hardware and to provide children around the world the opportunity to learn programming. He is responsible for the overall software and hardware architecture of the Raspberry Pi, and for the Foundation's relationships with its key suppliers and customers. In an earlier life, he founded two successful mobile games and middleware companies, Ideaworks 3d Ltd and Podfun Ltd, and held the post of Director of Studies for Computer Science at St John's College, Cambridge. He holds a BA in Physics and Engineering, a PhD in Computer Science, and an Executive MBA, from the University of Cambridge. In his day job, he works for Broadcom as an ASIC architect and general troublemaker.



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