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Michael McKerns

Michael McKerns

My background is in the design of electronic excited state materials using a union of experimental nonlinear optical spectroscopy, instrument simulation and modeling, and quantum chemical methods. I extended my work to vibrational materials and neutron scattering methods upon moving to Caltech in 2002, and to experimental time-resolved Raman scattering in 2006. I served as a Lead Software Developer and the Project Manager for a $15M NSF funded project on computational neutron scattering from 2006 to 2012. I was employed by Enthought, Inc in 2012.

I am currently based in the Center for Advanced Computing Research at Caltech, and have been developing publicly-released software to support research in predictive science and high-performance computing since 1998. I am the primary author of the software framework for uncertainty quantification (mystic) used by the Caltech PSAAP Center for the Predictive Modeling and Simulation of High-Energy Density Dynamic Response of Materials. Other software for which I am the primary author include pathos, dill, pyIDL, and pygrace.


Mystic: A Framework for Predictive Science