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Laurent Gautier

I was trained as an engineer, and found work in a company doing a then-obscure activity called "bioinformatics", at the interface between life sciences, information technologies, data analysis, and scientific computing. I learned Python there, it was version 1.5. Ah, memories... there was no garbage collection. A PhD and several jobs down the road I am still in that field, and had the opportunity to work on cancer research, diagnostics, monitoring infectious outbreaks, metagenomics, and DNA sequencing technologies.

In Python circles beyond my colleagues and collaborators, the rpy2 project (a bridge to use the R language from Python) might be something people might have heard of. I gave few talks about it, either in companies or open meetings, and the latest was at the [Bay Area R User Group meeting] (

I am currently Senior Researcher and Head of Core Facility at the Technical University of Denmark.


rpy2: Use R from the Comfort of Python