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Diego Maniloff

Diego Maniloff

Diego Maniloff is a data scientist at Unata, where he keeps himself busy with the fascinating challenges behind recommendation systems. He uses Python everyday to fine-tune the algorithms that deliver personalized content to thousands of users.

Diego's interest in applied data analysis began while working as a research fellow at MIT. There, he participated in collaborations with Audi to design an intelligent driving agent to provide drivers with contextual recommendations, and with General Electric to characterize the predictability of human diseases based on the medical records of millions of patients.

Diego was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, where he focused on sailing around Lake Michigan and in algorithms that consider the tradeoff of offline vs. online reasoning for probabilistic planning under uncertainty.

Diego received his BS+MEng degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Universidad Blas Pascal in beautiful Córdoba, Argentina. Back home, he learned his most valuable skill: how to prepare a great asado.


A beginner's introduction to Pydata: how to build a minimal recommendation engine.

Wednesday 9 a.m.–12:20 p.m. in Mission City M2