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Franck Chastagnol

Franck is currently a lead engineer working at, a small startup in the Silicon Valley that is revolutionizing the offline-online shopping experience.

He has been coding in Python since 2006 when he joined the YouTube engineering team at an early stage, before its acquisition by Google. At YouTube Franck was the lead engineer for the copyright detection system (also known as "fingerprinting" system) as well as the platform for providing the thousands of content partners with tools for managing and monetizing their videos.

Prior to YouTube, Franck spent 4 years in the PayPal engineering team, architecting and implementing Merchants facing systems that are still running today and processing Millions of dollars in consumer purchases.

Before joining PayPal, he held various engineering roles at companies such as Silicon Graphics, Inktomi, Astrium and the European Space Agency.

A native of France, Franck completed his engineering degree at the University of Nice, where he has fond memories of studying Ada, x86 assembly language and browsing the Internet with the Mosaic 1.0 browser while looking at the window and seeing the Southern Alps and the Mediterranean !


Building an image processing pipeline with Python

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