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Harry Percival

Harry Percival

Harry's life started with an idyllic childhood in rural France, programming in BASIC on Thomson T07s whose rubber keys went "boop" when you pressed them. His first attempt at higher education ended with a BA in Economics & Philosophy from Cambridge University. There followed several wilderness years as a management consultant, which were just as tedious as you might imagine.

He finally accepted his true geek nature in 2008, when he went to do an MSc in Computer Science. He has been a working programmer since then, mostly with Resolver Systems / who indoctrinated him into a the cult of XP / TDD.

He has been running TDD workshops since 2011. They make him quite excitable.


Fully Test-Driven Web Development with Django and Selenium

Thursday 9 a.m.–12:20 p.m. in Mission City M3