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Jukka Lehtosalo

Jukka Lehtosalo

Jukka Lehtosalo has worked for almost a decade years in the Finnish software industry, as a software engineer and later as a development manager. He has worked on a wide range of projects spanning from document databases, optical character recognition systems, approximate phonetic string matching algorithms and mobile apps to garbage collectors and JIT compilers.

Four years ago he wanted to try something a little different, and now he's working on his PhD at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. Jukka's research focuses on techniques for combining the benefits of dynamic and static typing in a single language. Jukka is currently developing mypy, a Python variant with seamless static and dynamic typing, and he previously worked on the Alore research programming language.

Jukka started using Python in the 1.4 days. He has given academic research talks in the past, and he has presented mypy at PyCon UK 2012 and PyCon Finland 2012.


Mypy: Optional Static Typing for Python