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Marcel Caraciolo

Marcel Caraciolo

Previous Experience in Education

  • Co-Founder of the brazilian educational social network called It focus on helping students to pass in the public exams to get a civil job. More over than 150 thousand students registered. (

  • Co-Founder of the brazilian educational on-line platform It focus on teaching python and its applications around Brazil. More than 200 students already studied with us in several domains.(

  • Co-Founder of the brazilian educational on-line platform It extends the PyCursos and teaches several domains besides Python such as Law, Medicine, Technology, etc. It still under development. (

  • Teacher and Instructor of Python and Machine learning at local universities and companies.

  • Current position: Scientist Chief in those projects.

Past Speaking Experience

  • Speaker at Scipy Conference 2011, presenting my open-source project called Crab, a recommender system framework written in Python. (

  • Speaker since 2010 at the Brazilian Python Conference (PythonBrasil) with several talks about recommender systems and local communities. (

  • Speaker at the local community Pernambuco Python User Group (PUG-PE) as Senior Member. (

-- My Slideshare speakerdeck:

Open-Source Community

  • Developer and Maintaner of the recommender framework written in Python called Crab. (

  • Commiter of the Scikit-learn Project.

  • Open-sourced several libraries and projects. (

  • Maintaner of the AIMotion blog, a specialized blog in english about machine learning and artificial intelligence. (


Powering Recommendations with Distributed Computing using Python and MapReduce